Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Tasks include

  • Design and develop our platform, product APIs that work on our data pipelines
  • Build all support infrastructure to scale our data delivery pipelines - endpoints, security, logging, messaging
  • Middle-ware and product development activity - UI support, data querying from our various stores, real-time visualization
  • Activity spans both front-end and back-end roles for our data and product systems
  • Mobile SDK, App development and analytics integration


  • Expertise in one or more of the following - Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, Python
  • Basic CS/Engg training, with 2+ years of experience in building and deploying products/services
  • Familiarity with REST API development standards, protocols (HTTP, websockets and more)
  • Expertise in scaling, tuning API-services, querying DBs
  • Familiarity with text processing, big data is a plus

Open Positions for All Levels

  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Associate Software Engineer
  • Interns

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